I love the thrill of helping people to think differently and make the changes they want in their life.  Before you can get what you want, you need to know what you want and in the process of asking yourself that question you can prioritise, plan and most importantly take action.

I offer one to one coaching, face to face, via Skype or phone, whichever is most convenient.  Whether you are trying to sort out your life, your work or both, having someone who can listen without judging, challenge without threatening and ask questions that provoke new approaches can be immensely helpful.  Sometimes a one off session to tackle a specific problem is all that is required, at other times there is a longer term change needed and someone to “check in” with along the way is a real help.  Its a pleasing fact that when you are getting more out of life and work, life and work get more out of you, everyone gains.

I also work within organisations that want to offer coaching to their employees as a way of improving staff satisfaction and performance.

My aim to help individuals to be happier, which all helps to make the whole world a happier place.  Its a big ambition but I am linked in to networks like Action for Happiness and follow research from The Greater Good Science Centre in Berkley, California so I know I am part of a huge movement.

If you are interested in discussing coaching options further please contact me.





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