About me

Eirwen 1I have worked in the voluntary, arts and adult education sector in Wales for more years than I really want to admit to.  I’ve been around the block a bit.

In traditional stories the “henwife” knows a thing or two, she is the one who knows when to bring around a nourishing soup, when to offer practical help, when to ask a question and when to just listen.  I hope I am beginning to have some of the  henwife’s wisdom.

Now that, within reasonable financial limits, I can focus on projects that really interest   me life is changing.  My underlying aim has for many years been to help individuals and organisations to find their own creative solutions to the challenges they face.  I firmly believe that in most situations, it is the people who are closest to a problem or issue who know the best way of dealing with it, but they sometimes need time, space and a way of sharpening their thinking to help them to take action.

Here’s some of the things I am choosing to do:-

Storytelling with a purpose

Touring Sorting the Sock Drawer

Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship 2017

Coaching – one to one personal development for individuals


Contact me here

short CV


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