About me

Eirwen 1I have been working in the voluntary, arts and adult education sector in Wales for more years than I really want to admit to.  I’ve been around the block a bit.

In traditional stories the “henwife” knows a thing or two, she is the one who knows when to bring around a nourishing soup, when to offer practical help, when to ask a question and when to just listen.  I hope I am beginning to have some of the  henwife’s wisdom.

My mission is to help individuals and organisations to find their own creative solutions to the challenges they face.  I firmly believe that in most situations, it is the people who are closest to a problem or issue who know the best way of dealing with it, but they sometimes need time, space and a way of sharpening their thinking to help them to take action. Sometimes they also need information and for someone else to do the research.

I offer a number of different ways of helping individuals and organisations as you will see on other pages of this site.

Coaching – one to one personal development for individuals

Renew You – personal development course for women

Organisational and workplace support

Storytelling with a purpose


Contact me here

short CV


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